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Russia blasts Ash Carter’s statement on Islamic State
January 10, 2017, 4:24 pm

Sukhoi-24 fighters, such as the one above, have flown hundreds of sorties over Syria and destroyed a number of Islamist rebel bunkers, the Russian military said [Xinhua]

Sukhoi-24 fighters, such as the one above, have flown hundreds of sorties over Syria and destroyed a number of Islamist rebel bunkers, the Russian military said [Xinhua]

The Russian military has fired back at US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter over his allegations that its forces did “virtually zero” to fight the Islamic State in Syria.

Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov said the reality was that it was the US which had achieved little more than civilian casualties in its 30-month bombing campaign against the Islamic State.

The Russian air force in Syria flew 19,160 sorties against Islamic State positions in the past 15 month whereas the US flew only 6,500, he said.

Gerasimov told journalists that Russian air power carried out 71,000 strikes against Islamic State training camps, ammunition dumps, oil production centers, as well as other facilities.

Carter had on Sunday told NBC’s Meet the Press that the US was left to fight the Islamic State on its own.

“They came in, they said they were going to fight ISIL, and they said they were going to help in the civil war in Syria … They haven’t done either of those things,” he said.

But Russia maintains that its involvement in the Syria conflict since September 30, 2015 helped turn the course of the war around, help the Syrian Army recapture Aleppo and force “moderate” opposition forces not affiliated with Al-Qaeda or ISIL to the negotiating table.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Carter picked the wrong country to direct his criticism.

In fact, Shoigu said, intervention in Syria by the US-led coalition “turned things for the worse, to our deep regret we saw no support from it”.

“And that required us to brace all of our resources and capabilities, to dispatch a large group to Syria, including an aircraft carrier-led group and extra aerospace resources and military police as well,” he added.

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3 Responses to Russia blasts Ash Carter’s statement on Islamic State

  1. Gail Reply

    January 11, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Yes I’ve been amazed that after years and years of bombing or dropping three bombs for every hour 24 hours a day we’ve not been able to really hit any of those long long caravans of Toyota trucks with big black ISISL flags flyingand likewise we never could say all the illegal oil leaving Syria found for turkey down for Israel know we never actually could see any of that with our spy on the Sky eye but was really impressed to say when Russia gotten Walt long caravans of Isis warriors lay and burnt ruins, they hi Pockrus he of the United States and its military intervention has been laid bare and it’s most embarrassing for me as an American to witness the horrors that this country has the stowed on almost all Muslim countries and the two faced policies that Iran cannot have nuclear weapons but we turn a blind eye as Israel has many many many illegal nuclear weapons they also reside in the Middle East but because they are supposedly Christian and maybe just a base for the USA we’ve turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by this cancer state that we placed in Palestine, The sheer scope of the racism that this is Raleys exhibit is confirmation that the United States cares little about bigotry and only about sales of weapons for war mongers.

    • Wes C Reply

      January 11, 2017 at 9:32 pm

      Yes Gail, and most of the modern world has turned a blind eye it seems. The US and their “Globalist establishment” have led this world into a state of perpetual war and poverty. They have created a financial system that is structured much like a Casino. The odds are always in favor of the house, and that leaves 80% of the worlds population living on less than $10 a day.
      I am embarrassed to be human.

  2. Marlene Papas Reply

    January 25, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Delusional… The accusation by US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter, that Russia “did virtually zero” to fight the Islamic State in Syria, is so ludicrous and frankly, moronic, that it actually borders on stupidity and simply serves to continue being hugely embarrassing for clear thinking Americans. 

    Carter’s claim, shows blithe ignorance of the global community’s perception of Russia’s operations in Syria, as from the moment Russia provided the SAA the additional air defence it so desperately required, the world’s up to then, jaundiced view of Russia changed, as it was immediately evident that Russia’s war against the IS was genuine and that is when western insults more and more became the subject of outright mockery of the US amongst us ordinary folks…   

    For decades denigrated by the USA– Russia is a country which US senator John McCain referred to as follows, in a report which appeared on CNN Politics on April 22, 2014, and which was so hilarious, that although its pretty dated, I had to share an excerpt of it here:- 

    “All it – all he’s got is gas and oil,” McCain said referring to Russia and the Russian President. “And that’s really all that is sustaining them.”

    The 77-year-old senator, a former Navy pilot who was shot down and served as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict,” then told Meyers “Wait, I take that back.”

    Then he tweaked his statement.

    “It is a gas station run by a mafia that is masquerading as a country,” he said.”

    The full report can be read at the link below:

    Back to Carter’s statement– one wonders whether what he said, was mainly for US national consumption, or because of other internal complications Carter may have to face under the new administration of President Trump?– 

    How hollow his words and how completely out of touch! For apart from global eyes riveted on Syria when Russian Ops commenced there end September 2015, Americans too were watching, with daily updates from both RT (Russia Today International) as well as Sputniknews, providing people globally, the true picture of what was eventuating in Syria– and immediately it was clear, that Russia meant business and even the worst amongst the anti-Russian brainwashed west, could not but laud and admire Russia for her precision air strikes on IS camps and the destruction of IS materiel in Syria– the tarmac at Russia’s airbase in Latakia. must have virtually melted, as Russia’s amazing fighter jets continued renting Syrian skies, their successful sorties relentlessly destroying IS “infrastructure” and leaving terrorists fleeing in all directions. It was amazing and I watched updates on a daily basis. Of course the US was completely bewildered and seething with anger at Russia’s destruction of what they vainly insisted was the bases of “genuine Syrian opposition forces,’ but which their so-called allies had paid big bucks for….

    Specifically the global community was stunned and awed, because when the US was operating in Iraq– for its nearly two years stint there, it had failed dismally to even take hair off a dog in its air war against IS. Bombing ‘sand dunes’ many Americans drily referred to it.   

    Soon it became known, that the US and its so-called allies’ behind the scenes intervention in Syria, from at least as early as 2012, had provided support via supply of weaponry and monetary sponsorship to the IS terrorists and furthermore, via western fake news mainstream media, cunningly misleading the world into believing that a ‘civil war’ was raging in Syria, while the mighty US was assisting these so-called Syrian government “opposition forces” to defeat and unseat the legally elected president of yet another sovereign nation– all the while smearing President Al-Assad as a butcher of his own people, and announcing to the world that “Assad must go.” 

    I pertinently wished to mention the context of the ongoing war in Syria, because it provides a record of indisputable facts– that it was Russia’s, UNSC approved defence of Syria, which allowed the Syrian government the deserved triumph against the IS and its many despicable affiliates– It was Russia who exposed to the world the many other crimes against Syria, such as the mass exodus and theft of Syrian oil smuggling to Turkey, as well as certain allies of the US’ sponsorship of the terrorists in Syria– i.e. think Saudi and Qatar etc.

    Russia shamed the US in Syria, resulting in the US’ global loss of face– however, the positive spin off of it all– apart from Russia and the SAA et al’s tenacious fight against the IS– is that it served to make Americans aware of the real status quo in Syria and people throughout the west and also throughout the world, that the US was in fact supporting the IS behind the scenes to affect the fall of President Bashar Assad, regime change and the fracturing of the state of Syria.   Further, dedicated journalists with integrity also exposed the western falsehoods spread against President Assad and the SAA– as it was conclusively proven that Assad had not gassed his own people and or carpet bombed them, as the US has in the past been guilty of doing against nations who failed to do, what the US needed them to do. Yet, I need mention that these untruths about President Assad, continue to be perpetuated by western media fake news to this day.  

    While the war in Syria is not over– defeat of the IS is in sight and today the return of peace in Syria is virtually assured.  The credit for the incredible improvement of the dire and almost beyond hopeless situation that was Syria in mid-2015, belongs to Russia.  Because of Russia’s unbelievable commitment and patience with a recalcitrant US and self serving west; for Russia’s indomitable support of the legal president and sovereign rights of the people of Syria and her ongoing aid to a mercilessly sanctioned Syria by the west on all fronts; for Russia’s endless but fruitless negotiations with John Kerry, which further exposed US double speak; for Russia’s generous acceptance of Turkey’s rapprochement after the tragic downing of the Russian fighter jet in Syria and most importantly, for leading the peace talks, along with Iran and Turkey, in Astana, this past Monday… 

    No– it is clear to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and understanding, that Russia actions and negotiations for peace to come about in Syria, truly reflect unique foresight and staying the course with diplomacy of the highest order. President Putin and the whole Russian delegation should be honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize, as they have truly earned what President Obama and the US did their utmost to scuttle in Syria– to engineer its complete destruction and in the process deliver the same fate and utter chaos on the peoples of Syria as the US did to Libya.
    Russia’s sterling and unceasing efforts continue– and in particular those of President Putin, FM Sergey Lavrov, Russian DM Sergey Shoigu, Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov (Latakia Airbase) and many other military personnel, as well as that of the brave Russian military heroes who were lost in course of their duties in Syria, as well as the clearheaded reason, so characteristic of the Russian government as a whole– all are greatly admired throughout the world– despite the ongoing thwarting of the US to derail and discredit Russian operations and dearly won successes in Syria, at every turn, supported by the in the face lies of the fake western mainstream media– specifically lies about what ensued during the Battle for and subsequent Liberation of Aleppo– all served to send waves of abject shock rippling throughout the world and complete loss of respect for and condemnation of the despicable and cowardly treatment the US so ruthlessly employed against Russia and Syria. 

    Ash Carter is clearly bitter and humiliated and along with Obama– who referred some years ago to Russia, as a “regional power” with a president, who is “not completely stupid,” this page in US history will remain a painful and permanent blight on a clearly divided, now former US administration, who betrayed the American people and dishonoured US standing throughout the world.  

    In the eyes of billions around the Globe, Russia completely defeated the US’ self-serving but deadly objectives in Syria– Yet, without any conscious attempt from Russia’s side to try and put the US down– Russia continued engaging with and showing consideration for what it with unfailing politeness referred to, as its American partners.

    No Russia, faced with the deep and divisive complexities unique to the conflict existing in Syria and surrounds, nevertheless remains undaunted and with forethought and forthrightness continue to concentrate on and acquitting itself well by consistently not wavering from its goal to route out the IS terrorists and bring a return of peace to Syria.

    May the Astana talks bear fruit and result in the desperately longed for peace and stability Syrians deserve and may peace in Syria serve as the harbinger for peace throughout the whole tortured Middle East region. 

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